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InspireData 1.5 (10-User Lab Pack)

InspireData 1.5 is the foremost tool to visualize, investigate and understand data in science, mathematics and social studies. Applying the proven strategies of visual learning to data literacy, students discover meaning as they collect and explore data in a dynamic inquiry process. Students formulate questions and make connections between data and its visual representations to interpret information, solve problems and draw conclusions. As a result, students develop deeper content knowledge and stronger critical thinking skills.

InspireData 1.5 helps students successfully:

  • Build data literacy
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Strengthen critical thinking

Powerful new features added by popular request include:

  • e-Survey tool
  • New plot options including bar charts, line graphs and line of best fit
  • More that 100 content-rich databases
  • Expanded teacher support tools, such as lesson plans, handouts and database templates
  • Educator Examples - Database templates for analyzing student, classroom and district-wide data

InspireData 1.5 works great with a whiteboard!

What's New?

More ways to explore and understand data

InspireData 1.5 has many powerful new capabilities to help students collect and explore data and help educators integrate InspireData and data literacy into the classroom.

Easier data collection!

  • e-Survey tool
    Collect data anytime, anywhere using InspireData's e-Survey tool. Create and publish an online survey to gather data, then instantly download results to jumpstart analysis.

  • 100+ subject-specific databases
    Get started quickly with more than 100 content-rich databases.

  • Database templates
    Use database templates with predefined structure to guide data collection.

  • Expanded data formatting options
    Select and define field formats and valid list content to ensure consistent data collection.

More plot options!

  • Bar charts
    Students can create a bar chart or a stack plot with one click.

  • Line of best fit and line graphs
    Display line of best fit and line graphs in axis plots to connect data points, or to clarify data relationships and investigate trends.

  • Export plots
    Export plots as .jpg, .gif or .png files.

Expanded teacher and classroom support

  • Standards-based lessons plans and classroom projects
    These lesson plans include ideas and instructions for achieving key data literacy standards, corresponding database templates to guide student data collection, and exemplars for teacher demonstration and student assessment.

  • Learn-to-Use Handouts
    These teacher tools provide easy-to-follow instructions for quickly learning and using InspireData.

  • Web resources
    Teachers can easily access additional support materials such as lesson plans and database templates.

  • Teacher database templates for classroom analysis
    Customizable templates allow teachers to track student performance over time, identify classroom trends and support data-driven decision making.

System Requirements

  • Windows

Pentium II 266 MHz or faster Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP, Vista or Windows 7 128 MB RAM 60 MB available hard drive 800 X 600 display with 16-bit color depth or higher Recommended: Internet Connection* Optional: Interactive electronic whiteboard

  • Macintosh

G3 300 MHz or faster OS X version 10.2.8 to 10.6, Leopard compatible 192 MB RAM 90 MB available hard drive 800 X 600 display Recommended: Internet Connection* Optional: Interactive electronic whiteboard