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Desktop Range DeskCabby (Charge and Sync, 12 Devices)

LapCabby DeskCabby Charge and Sync 12 USB devices up to 12

Top Features:
  • Intelligent Charge for all USB devices with full recognition
  • Desktop Lockable & retractable door
  • Syncing
  • Connect 3 together to charge and sync multiple devices simultaneously
  • LED lights
  • Upgradeable firmware

The compact desktop USB device charge and sync unit is ideal for charging and syncing 12 devices simultaneously. The inset handles on each side make this very easy to move around between classrooms, offices and departments whilst still being able to bolt the unit down for extra security if needed. You even have the option to stack up to 3 DeskCabbys to charge and sync up to 36 devices simultaneously whilst still only using one IEC power cord. Its compatability with any USB device makes it incredibly versatile. It provides intelligent charging meaning it will provide the exact amount of power required to ensure no over or under charging. It will recognise exactly which device is plugged in to each separate port. The individual vertical charging compartments accommodate tablets with or without cases including Otterbox, Griffin Survivor, Folio cases. Lockable door securing all devices inside with a single key while the internal fan keeps devices cool during charging. The door is retractable to allow for space saving when inserting devices and gives full access to the devices. Allows simultaneous synchronisation of all devices using Apple configurator, iTunes or any other 3rd party platform, saving you time when deploying apps, media and content. LED display, visible with the door locked, indicating red for charging, green when fully charged and blue when in synchronisation mode are all visible through the perforated door, what could be easier? What's more, easy to install firmware updates ensure your DeskCabby Charge and Sync can charge and sync all of the latest tablets, making it future proof. Don't forget, as with all of our products, the DeskCabby is tested to the very highest safety standards, unlike many others, we are UL tested. We also deliver it to you totally fully assembled, so all you need to  is plug your devices in and you're up and running! And while other companies were busy trying to catch up and match the products we designed, we've gone one further and because we're so confident about all of our products, we'll give you a lifetime warranty on all product parts and even a 5 year electrical warranty too. No one else is doing that, just us! 


Unit Dimensions:

W496mm x D398mm x H330mm / 20” x 16” x 13”