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No matter the device in your classroom- We have a product to sync, store and transport them. Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets, BYOD, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 - we have you covered!

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Built from scratch - All our components are designed and manufactured in-house. We don't do off the shelf!

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Introducing the TabCabby 32 horizontal charging cart for up to 32 tablets. For those with space saving in mind, the TabCabby has a 50% smller footprint that other models and has the similar sized footprint to a standard classroom chair. The ergonomic blue ABS handles make UniCabby Horizontal easy to move around while the rounded corners and rubber bumpers protect the walls and devices inside when in transit. The dual point locking system gives you ultimate security for your devices. The lock and key are located on the top of the unit to avoid key breakages. The lock includes a 7-pin activation system tested by an independent locksmith. The double sided key has two sets of teeth making the locking system more durable, impossible to pick and substantially increases security! Wide opening doors open to 180 degrees to allow full access to the devices inside. Cable management ports are located to the front of theunit to allo0w easy set up. The weld mesh base allows constant air flow around devices ensuring they are kept safe at all times. Also, the side vents allow constant air circulation so no fan is needed and your devices can charge totally silently. The robust TabCabbyis fitted with 4 x 5" swivel, non-marking hospital grade rubber wheels (2 locking) making it incredibly easy to move and keep in place. The individual shelf compartments accomodate two tablets side by side with or without protective cases. The shelves also angle back slightly to ensure devices stay in place during transit.  The IEC power cord plugs in to the mains and are designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall, preventing any damage to the unit or any nasty trips! The TabCabby will charge all of your devices simultaneously. Just when you thought it couldn't get better...the integrated Power 7 Management System manages the power consumption to ensure power surges do not occur and all devices charge efficiently. It also acts as a sophisticated timer allowing 3 different charge schedules a day, 7-days a week. Power strips turn on one at a time, 1.5 seconds apart. Don't forget, as with all of our products, the LapCabby is tested to the very highest safety standards, unlike many others, we are UL tested. We also deliver it to you totally fully assembled, so all you need to  is plug your devices in and you're up and running! And while other companies were busy trying to catch up and match the products we designed, we've gone one further and because we're so confident about all of our products, we'll give you a lifetime warranty on all product parts and even a 5 year electrical warranty too. No one else is doing that, just us! 


33" Width x 17" Depth x 41" Height - Blue - For 32 Devices