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Product ID: 1742316 | Mfg Part #: LYTE10MD/USA

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LapCabby Lyte (Multi Door charging unit for 10  laptops, tablets or chromebooks up to 15")

Top features:

  • Static storage for 10 laptops, tablets or chromebooks up to 15.6" ideal for BYOD deployments
  • Cable and AC management
  • Delivered fully assembled Soft start technology
  • Simultaneous charge
  • Small footprint

Introducing the Lyte multi door static charging unit for up to 10 laptops, tablets or chromebooks. The small footprint of the Lyte means it can be stored on the floor or on a desk, depending on where you have space. The ciorner feet lift the unit off the floor to allow for air circulation. This Lyte offers individual storage compartments for access to device storage and power compartments. Simply place your device inside the locker, enter your 6 digit personal code and leave your device to charge. When you're ready come back, enter the code again and collect your device, ready to go. This is perfect for 1:1 deployment within classrooms. Place your devices on the 18mm gray MDF fixed shelves that provide extra strength and charge them all simultaneously. The ergonmic ABS injection moulded handles allow easy access to the devices inside the cabinet. The Lyte has an isolated power compartment for electrical safety secured with a 16 gauge steel cover panel fixed with security screws to conceal the elcetrical components and to prevent cables from going missing. The inset door handle and the power compartment cover are even colour coded! The hadndles sit flush to the door to prevent protruding parts being damaged. The Lyte features soft start technology meaning the power sequentially starts up power to power strip preventing overloading on start-up (inrush current). Cable clip portholes secure cables from the side power compartment to the device compartment, to kep cables in place and preent damage. The IEC power cord plugs in to the mains and are designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall, preventing any damage to the unit or any nasty trips! Don't forget, as with all of our products, the LapCabby is tested to the very highest safety standards, unlike many others, we are UL tested. We also deliver it to you totally fully assembled, so all you need to  is plug your devices in and you're up and running! And while other companies were busy trying to catch up and match the products we designed, we've gone one further and because we're so confident about all of our products, we'll give you a lifetime warranty on all product parts and even a 5 year electrical warranty too. No one else is doing that, just us! 


W450mm x D429mm x H50mm / 17.7” x 16.9” x 2”