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Grade 7 Social Studies Interactive Review Question CD (Site License)

Standards-Based, Interactive Review Cards are Perfect for Review and Assessment Prep!

Includes 750 interactive review cards, providing comprehensive coverage of the current national curriculum standards. Perfect for use in review and assessment preparation by an individual student or for use on an Interactive Whiteboard with the entire class.

Complete curriculum coverage of the following standards-based topics -

  1. Geographic Map Terms
  2. Geographic Tools
  3. Medieval Europe
  4. The Renaissance in Europe
  5. The Protestant Reformation
  6. The Scientific Revolution
  7. European Exploration & Settlement
  8. The Aztecs
  9. The Maya
  10. The Inca
  11. Colonial Settlement
  12. Colonial Life
  13. The American Revolution
  14. The Articles of Confederation
  15. The Constitution
  16. The New Government in Operation
  17. The Alamo
  18. The Nation Grows & Expands
  19. The Erie Canal
  20. The Jackson Age
  21. Moving Southward & Westward
  22. The Abolitionist Movement
  23. Women's Rights
  24. Causes of the Civil War
  25. The Civil War

Additional Information

  • Grade - Grade 7
  • Subject - Science
  • Product Type - Assessment Prep Software
  • Academic Standard - California, Florida, National, New York, Texas

Compatible with either Windows or Mac.