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A Busy Day (5 User)

A Busy Day

A Busy Day allows all learners to experience reading success even before the skills of phonological awareness are fully developed.

A Busy Day is full of highly motivational graphics, activities and games to encourage and reinforce children’s word recognition. Based on vocabulary that is familiar and meaningful, A Busy Day’s activities help students to understand that text carries meaning, by encouraging them to hear, say, and match words to pictures, and move the words around on-screen – providing an exciting multi-sensory and interactive experience.

Highly motivating, this CD-ROM’s approach is perfect for those children who may not have been able to access the normal routes to reading. It encourages the development of language skills and acquisition of new vocabulary which, in turn, enhances self-esteem. A Busy Day is particularly effective for children on the autistic spectrum, those with Down’s syndrome, attention difficulties, those who are primarily visual learners and those learning English as an additional language. It is also ideal for use in mainstream elementary classrooms.

  • Helps children acquire and recognise a range of vocabulary that can be understood, generalised and used to construct meaningful sentences

  • Enables fast learning, promoting increased confidence and motivation

  • Contains full teacher guidance, including training videos • Audio support throughout

  • Contains colour-coded word banks with the facility to add your own words

  • Printable clip art, worksheets, and certificates

  • Printable record keeping

  • Full range of customisable accessibility settings including switch access