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Matching Skills

Sherston Skill Builders

Features & Benefits

The Sherston Skill Builders is an award-winning series that includes six CD-ROMs designed to support pupils who need practice in learning basic skills. Each program includes a range of features that will help pupils with special educational needs to use the software with confidence and ease, including switch accessibility, large cursor, and a clear and simple design throughout.

Each of the six programs contains four motivating activities at four levels of difficulty and offers a choice of eight familiar topics, including Clothes, Letters, and Food. This flexible format enables you to adapt each program to meet the educational needs and interests of individual pupils.


  • Clear and simple interface and images
  • Full speech support throughout
  • Configurable contrast for text and background
  • Switch off speech or text facility
  • Optional animated ‘rewards’
  • Eight familiar topics: Food, Home, Clothes, Animals, Play, Transport, Letters, Numbers

Matching Skills

Features & Benefits

This program will help your pupils to recognise and identify the attributes of objects (by size, colour and shape) and develop their ability to visually discriminate.


  • Match exactly
  • Match color
  • Match size
  • Match pieces