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World War II Global Conflict

You won't find a more comprehensive multimedia resource for World War II studies anywhere. This interactive CD-ROM won the International EMMA award for the best educational title. The creators of this invaluable program have archived hundreds of photographs, audio clips, maps, and pages upon pages of fascinating text, so that you and your students can investigate the causes and events of the war.

Five interactive videos introduce you to the origins of the war in Europe, the Blitzkrieg, Japanese expansion, and the Far Eastern conflict. Explore events, themes, and biographies related to those topics. The map section provides a geographical perspective of the war, giving access to 28 countries and 32 specific events. The wealth of information can be searched through the index or by keyword. A wonderful feature called Trailsave allows students to bookmark material, and serves as a valuable research tool for tracking data and preparing classroom presentations.

  • Award-winning educational title

  • Hundreds of photos, audio clips, maps, and text

  • 5 Videos introduce major events of WWII

  • 28 Countries and 32 events presented in map section

  • TrailSave feature serves as valuable research tool

Grade Levels: 9-12

System Requirements

  • 486+ Processor

  • 4Mb RAM

  • SVGA

  • 256 Colors

  • Windows 3.1 or Higher

  • 2X CD-ROM